The Talk: Final Thoughts

This is the final installment in The Talk Series. Today we address when you should intervene on behalf of your loved ones. I hope that I have provided a springboard of information to aid you in beginning your discussions with your family. … More The Talk: Final Thoughts

One Phone Call

One phone call can change everything in the blink of an eye. We had that “one phone call” a few weeks ago, hence, the recent lack of postings. Though the situation is not one of the above examples, nor is it an emergency situation, it is and will be one we will have to deal with for quite some time. And since that phone call, we have learned a few things as we prepare for future decisions that we hope to share with you to help you practically prepare for the inevitable day you receive your “one phone call.” … More One Phone Call

Protect Yourself from Being an Unknowing Gossip

Most of us know what gossip is… when it is about us. However, we sometimes have difficulty identifying it when we are in a conversation. A very informal definition of gossip might be a casual conversation about others which may involve details that are not confirmed as true. Often people gossip simply because they don’t … More Protect Yourself from Being an Unknowing Gossip

The Reality of Depression and Its Signs

In Christian circles, we tend to shun speaking about depression. Often it is seen as spiritual weakness or a “sin problem.” It is neither. However, depression could develop into one or the other if not treated and overcome. Depression is a normal emotional response when faced with loss or trying circumstances. Depression can be caused … More The Reality of Depression and Its Signs