When Death Comes to the Church

It is never easy to watch a church fall towards death. Fear begins to grip the remnant as they begin to wonder what will become of them, of the church’s legacy, of the community it is a part of. There are many reasons for a church dying, some are of their own doing, others are because of the damage of others. Regardless of the actual cause, it is always because of sin. Until the sin is dealt with biblically, the church may not recover at all. … More When Death Comes to the Church


Life is full of deception. Magazines are filled with air-brushed, photo shopped models. The news spins and twists stories to favor their political candidate or their pet issue. Entertainment sources portray fictional stories as the way things should be. Even “reality” television programs are scripted to some degree and edited in such a way as to deceive the viewer into believing things occurred as depicted rather than as they actually did. … More Deceived


During the last few months (2016), my husband and I have completed and published a few books. We are excited for these accomplishments as the topics are just a few of the areas we have helped churches, ministries, and families over the decades. … More Books

We’re Still Here!

As you might have noticed we’ve been a little sparse on posting since the end of November. Have no fear. We are still here! We are simply swamped with holiday preparations. In addition, we are nearing completion on a couple of ministry projects. Those projects have taken over the computer as well as the writing … More We’re Still Here!

The Reality of Depression and Its Signs

In Christian circles, we tend to shun speaking about depression. Often it is seen as spiritual weakness or a “sin problem.” It is neither. However, depression could develop into one or the other if not treated and overcome. Depression is a normal emotional response when faced with loss or trying circumstances. Depression can be caused … More The Reality of Depression and Its Signs