When Death Comes to the Church

It is never easy to watch a church fall towards death. Fear begins to grip the remnant as they begin to wonder what will become of them, of the church’s legacy, of the community it is a part of. There are many reasons for a church dying, some are of their own doing, others are because of the damage of others. Regardless of the actual cause, it is always because of sin. Until the sin is dealt with biblically, the church may not recover at all. … More When Death Comes to the Church

Revival: What Is It? Do I Need It?

Revival involves repentance and humility. Once we come to a state of humility before God, it can be easy to repent at an altar to God alone. But … God requires us to make it right with others as well. Regardless of the outcome, true revival for the Christian begins by being humble before God and man. … More Revival: What Is It? Do I Need It?