30 Days of Gratitude Prayer Guide

Are you looking for a simple prayer guide for the Thanksgiving season? This 30 Days of Gratitude Prayer Guide runs November 1 through November 30. There is a topic for thought and prayer as well as a verse for each day.

This is a great way to focus your thoughts on the true meaning of thanksgiving during the holiday season.

How can you use it? Include as an addition to your church bulletin, a handout for your Sunday school class or ladies group, or as a guide for personal or family devotions. These are only a few ideas!

The PDF is created in a simple black/white. It is designed to be a tri-fold in landscape. Change your printer options to “print double-sided” or your printer’s equivalent. It looks especially nice when printed on lighter colored paper such as salmon (orange-ish), pale yellow, and pale green. Plus, it is FREE for your personal use and to use as handouts in your church. This handout is not to be used in part or as a whole for any profit publication.

30 Days of Gratitude: A Daily Prayer Guide FREE PDF

Use the above link to access the free PDF. Enjoy!


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