Fall Festivals and Trunk or Treats

Fall Festivals and Trunk or TreatsOctober is a great time for church outreach! The weather is cooler, families are looking to make memories, and it marks the calm before the hectic days of the holiday season.

Whether you are in the midst of planning and need some help or are thinking about it for next year, these links are sure to help you in your preparations.

Trunk or Treating Ideas and Tips

10 Costumes for Your Car

16 Ways to Decorate for Trunk or Treating

Trunk or Treat Decorating 

Images to use in advertising and handouts – always check for usage requirements before using

TIP: Be prepared to hand out bags pre-filled with tracts, coloring sheets, and church information to all your guests. You could also include restaurant crayons in the bags.

TIP: For tight budgets, you can simply purchase a bulk supply of plain or “Thank You” U-handle shopping bags from Amazon or Sam’s Club.

Halloween/Seasonal Tracts

Halloween Tracts/Tract League

Halloween Tracts/Crossway.org

Carnival Games and Ideas

34 Fun School Carnival Game Ideas – article; several good ideas

100 Ideas for a Fall Family Festival

Ideas for Indoor Carnival Games

Carnival Savers – free ideas for DIY game booths

Fantastic Fall Festival Carnival Game Ideas for Your School or Group – article listing oldies, fun stations and new ideas

Fun Attic – game ideas with instructions; also have supplies for games

Ideas for Harvest Carnival Games – good ideas, especially the Scarecrow Hat Toss

Minute to Win It Games – 60 second games from the popular television show; great for all ages; many games are adaptable for fall festival games

SchoolCarnivals.com – alphabetical game listing; numerous easy to moderate game ideas with instructions

Christian Themed Game Ideas

TIP: Although you can purchase carnival games, many prefer to DIY their games. This is a great way to personalize the game to the theme or your organization.

Games for Purchase

Jacks Games – games are for purchase; pricey; GREAT ideas for DIY

Plinko Games – for purchase; designed to your specs, can use your own artwork; browse for DIY ideas

Carnival Savers – prizes, candy, and carnival game supplies

TIP: Begin asking church members to donate candy for your fall festival or trunk or treat event at the beginning of SEPTEMBER. Most stores begin putting bags of candy on sale at this time.

TIP: You will need at least one 40 to 50 gallon storage tote. You will also need two flat furniture dollies to move the candy to the event location.

Prizes, Candy, Giveaways

Christian Tools of Affirmation – various Christian items for giving

Carnival Savers – prizes, candy, and carnival game supplies

Crayon King – offers in-stock crayons as well as CUSTOMIZED crayon packets

Novelties – Sites to help you with promotion materials, novelties & toys for youth ministries, banquet & party supplies, carnival supplies, bulk candy, etc.

POS Paper – variety of choices for restaurant crayons

Webstaruantstore.com – source for 3 pack and 4 pack restaurant crayons; bulk

TIP: Store your candy in an air conditioned or cool office to prevent melting!

TIP: How much candy do you need? We have filled a 50 gallon storage tote with donated candy for an event held in a school gym and had barely enough for the evening (estimated 500+ families in a 2 hour period). Most booths (15 booths) gave out 3-5 pieces per game won and one for trying. There was no limit as to how many times the children could play throughout the evening.

TIP: To re-supply candy to the booths throughout the event, use baskets or large ice cream buckets. DO NOT wheel the tote to each booth!! We have seen that done… the mob was not a pretty sight.

photo credit: photopin.com


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