Life is full of deception. Magazines are filled with air-brushed, photo shopped models. The news spins and twists stories to favor their political candidate or their pet issue. Entertainment sources portray fictional stories as the way things should be. Even “reality” television programs are scripted to some degree and edited in such a way as to deceive the viewer into believing things occurred as depicted rather than as they actually did. … More Deceived


During the last few months (2016), my husband and I have completed and published a few books. We are excited for these accomplishments as the topics are just a few of the areas we have helped churches, ministries, and families over the decades. … More Books


Welcome to VirtuousGraceandTruth! My name is Melissa. I’m a wife, mom, speaker, writer, and teacher. Married 25 years to my college sweetheart, we have been in ministry together for equally as long. I’m not expert at anything, but I like to try my hand at most things. Come join in as we seek to learn … More About

Homeschool Field Trips

Field trips are great in that they can either set up the topic for an upcoming lesson or they can follow up a lesson on a particular subject. Field trips provide a different avenue of learning that often helps a student to remember the material because they have experienced it. Exposing your children to different applications to what they are learning will also help them to connect the dots in the world around them. … More Homeschool Field Trips